Crystal wheel repair machine will make your business flourish

With the development of society and the progress of the times, people’s living standards are getting higher, and people’s pursuit of quality of life is also getting better. Now basically every family will have one or two cars as means of transportation. People are paying more and more attention to car maintenance, so many people have started the business of repairing wheels. As a pivotal country in the world, China naturally occupies an irreplaceable share in the trade of wheel repair machine. In China’s wheel repair lathe industry, Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. is well-known both in China and abroad in the international trade market.

Many customers in the wheel repair machine industry at home and abroad must have heard of Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. Our wheel repair machine have been sold to more than 80 countries in the world, as our wheel lathes are of good quality, convenient operation and repair effects, our customers are full of praise for our products, and many customers even recommend our company to their friends, so that we have more customers.

There are many customers who have bought our wheel repair machine and use it very well, but there are also some customers who don’t use it not very smoothly. Next I will talk about our PC system wheel repair machine on how to achieve better efficient use effect.

The wheel repair lathe machine of the pc system is different from the wheel repair machine of the CNC system. Because of its high degree of automation, it is easy to operate. The entire wheel repair process can be completed on the PC panel without complicated buttons. Just follow the instructions The previous step by step operation can achieve perfect cutting results. Just be careful not to reverse the connection of the relevant relay when you first connect the power supply. If the connection is not correct, you will not be able to turn on the machine, and you must press the button to the end otherwise the pc panel will also be not open.

Our wheel repair machine adopts an integral cast iron bed, so that the quality and stability of the machine are better. Unlike some machines that use aluminum alloy construction, only the quality of the machine can achieve perfect cutting results.

The vertical wheel repair machine has a relatively small volume, which can save your workshop space. The vertical structure makes it easier to install the wheel. You just need put the wheel on the chuck and tighten it with a chuck wrench. This position is also more convenient. It is easy for the operator to observe the cutting process of the wheel.

The alloy wheel repair lathe of the PC system can realize automatic detection, automatic optimization, and automatic cutting, saving a lot of labor cost and time. You can also set the speed and feed speed by yourself to achieve the rainbow line effect and mirror effect or big line effect that you want.

Our service has also been recognized by many of our customers. Our wheel repair machine is guaranteed for one year, but we provide customers with free service for life. If you have any questions about the machine, you can take a photo or video and send it to us. Our after-sales and technical department Will provide you with the most professional services and answers.

Crystal wheel repair machine will make your business flourish

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