Crystal wheel repair machine manufacturer will be your best choice

Wheels, which are the great decoration as the exterior of the vehicle, have become increasingly critical. Feature wheels are becoming more and more popular, and wheels have also become popular products in modified stores. With the development of the automobile manufacturing industry, the alloy wheel manufacturing industry is also making continuous progress. The wave of economic globalization at the end of the 20th century has promoted the rapid development of the market integration, division of labor specialization, and industrial scale of the automotive industry. Aluminum wheel companies have also formed a situation of supplying to many automobile factories and transnational supply. Wheels are the important safety components of vehicles. In addition to the vertical force, it is also subjected to irregular forces from multiple directions, such as turning and impact during driving, due to the torque of the vehicle during starting and braking. As a high-speed rotating wheel, it also affects the vehicle's smoothness, maneuverability and other performance. Therefore, high dimensional accuracy of wheels, small unbalance, light weight, high fatigue resistance, sufficient rigidity and elasticity, and elegant appearance are required.

As an effective tool for the wheel repair markets, how to choose the suitable wheel repair machine equipment must be carefully considered. Let me tell you a long story with my Canadian customer David. He is a senior professional wheel repairer in Canada. In recent years, in order to expand his business, he has always wanted to find a best wheel repair machine supplier. From receiving the first inquiry from David in October 2019, to buying nine machines in February 2020, the story between David and me is tortuous, but the result is very good. David successively asked many suppliers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and mainland in China. After more than two months of comparison, he finally decided to buy from China. Among the many suppliers in China, David has conducted a detailed comparison for more than a month. David said that he believes in Made in China and wants to choose the best wheel repair machine manufacturer in China to cooperate, but David also has many concerns.

David asked, "Did your wheel repair machine exported to the Canadian and American markets? What are your advantages?"

“Yes, of course, we not only have exported to the North American market, but also have our machines on seven continents. We have more than 20 years of production experience and export to more than 100 countries. We also have European agents with many years of long-term stable cooperation. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, sales and export. Our company has a stable production process and quality control system to ensure the consistency of product quality; we have the ability to coordinate the development of new technologies with OEMs and develop new machines;we have the ability to adapt to market changes and adapt to industrial structure adjustment. So we have always been in the leading position in the Chinese market.”

"Why are your products more expensive than others? The price is too high, can you give me any discounts?"

"In fact, for brands, the price will not be arbitrarily set. It is based on the quality of the product, the process, the after-sales factor and other factors, and then a reasonable price is set, because we hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. Not only did you ask this question, many customers asked this question at the beginning, but then they all became our cooperative customers, and they also introduced us to their friends. In fact, we also hope to give you a more favorable price, Just really sorry, you must understand, because the good quality of the products requires relatively high cost, but only the good quality can make you to buy at ease, this is the most important. Although we can't give you discounts on price, as long as the customer buys machines from us, whether it is quality or service, we will make you very assured! This machine must be good value for money. "

"The wheel repair lathes around me are all horizontal. Does the vertical wheel repair machine have so many advantages?"

The vertical wheel repair machine is a newly researched machine based on the horizontal type, so there are many improvements. It is more convenient to install the wheel on the vertical wheel repair lathe. The user only needs to put the wheel on the chuck, and then fix the wheel on the position of the chuck. The horizontal wheel lathe requires the user to hold the wheel with one hand, and the other hand to clamp the chuck, which is relatively laborious. The vertical type machine is more convenient for the user to observe the wheel, and the installation position of the wheel is lower, which is convenient for the user to observe the wheel during operation and reduce misoperation. This specially designed lathe is relatively small, but it can cut larger wheels and be more suitable for wheel repair workshops with less operating space.

After a lot of comparisons, David finally bought nine sets of wheel repair equipment. Now the machine is drifting across the ocean and is about to reach customers. Taian Crystal Machinery will never let you down and will always be your best choice.

Crystal wheel repair machine manufacturer will be your best choice

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