Crystal wheel repair machine makes your service more professional

People who really love cars may not drive luxury cars, but even ordinary cars will be washed clean. It should be easy for a careful friend to find that the wheel of a car is often very dirty, and this black dirt will adhere to the surface of the wheel and it is not easy to clean. Moreover, compared to other parts, the wheel or even the most frequently injured part of the car. Sometimes because of road conditions and sometimes because of driving skills, car wheels are often damaged in varying degrees when driving. The common damage is the scratches left by the whee. Although it does not affect the driving, the visual impression of the scratches is very intuitive, which reduces the overall appearance of the car, and in serious cases, it will rise to the taste of the owner. Of course, local tyrants can change to a new set of wheels at any time, but for ordinary people, repairing scratches is the first choice.

Wheel, also called rim. To put it simply, the part where the axle is installed in the center of the wheel is an important part that connects the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel and the axle shaft. It is sleeved on the shaft tube or steering knuckle journal with bearings. Wheels are mainly divided into casting and forging from the manufacturing process. Generally, casting rings are made of aluminum, while forging rings are made of aluminum and titanium. Generally speaking, the forged ring is strong, and the forged ring is used for racing. The first-level forged ring used for racing is equivalent to half the weight of our ordinary casting ring. The lighter the weight, the lower the power loss of the car and the faster it runs.

Car owners are the direct service targets of car repair and maintenance stores and the main source of store performance. Since wheel repair and maintenance are very important to car owners, its importance to the store is self-evident. Satisfaction with store services affects store performance.

Owners often drive cars and know that the wheel hub is a very dirty part that is difficult to clean, and it is also a part that is easily overlooked by the store. But because of this, the store that really spends time on cleaning and repairing the wheels can better reflect the more detailed and professionalism of the simple and basic work of car repairing, which can naturally leave a better impression on the owner. , Increase car owners’ recognition and trust in the store, thereby retaining high-quality customers for the store, conducive to the subsequent development of high-end beauty projects such as waxing, coating, crystal plating, and creating new performance for the store.

Achieving what other stores cannot do, this is the difference between the store and other similar stores, and it is also the characteristic of the store. In the current fiercely competitive automotive beauty aftermarket, such differences and characteristics can naturally improve the core competitiveness of stores, help stores stand out among many similar stores, seize market opportunities, and obtain more customers.

Wheel repair is so important to an auto repair company, so how can the store repair the wheel quickly and well to satisfy the car owner? Of course it is to use our wheel repair machine.

The surface repairing of alloy wheels requires high precision and smoothness, which puts forward higher requirements for the repair equipment of wheels. Our wheel repair machine summarizes the research and development experience of wheel repair machine which is suitable for repairing all wheels. The machine can achieve different cutting effect according to your requests, like mirror finishing, rainbow line, different density textured finishing etc. in the fierce market competition, many customers give up repairing damaged wheels due to high maintenance costs. After purchasing our wheel repair machine, there is no cost to repair the wheels, so that you can maintain your own price advantage and attract more customers.

Customers are increasingly demanding the appearance of the wheel, which puts higher demands on our wheel maintenance. CRYSTAL wheel repair machine can help avoiding these risks and attract more customers.

Crystal wheel repair machine makes your service more professional

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