Crystal wheel repair machine makes our lives easier

When you look at most modern cars now, many of them will be equipped with machined alloy wheels. What are they? How is it different from ordinary alloy wheels? And most importantly, if you encounter an unexpected encounter with a local curbstone, can you repair the machined alloy wheels? The machined alloy is the same as other alloy wheels, except that the surface of the wheel has been machined with CNC. The insert on the wheel is painted in the normal way, but the end face is cut into bare alloy and then coated with a clear coating. This is what gives it a polished alloy appearance. By observing the closed state of the alloy surface, you can judge whether the rim is machined, and you should be able to see the thin concentric lines after cutting.

Luis is a loyal customer of our company and a good friend. We often discuss some issues about wheel repair. Let’s share our conversation with you.

Luis asked: “The damage of aluminum alloy wheels is usually three types: surface damage, deformation damage and fracture damage. Then how to repair these three types wheels?”

Ah, Let me answer this question for you.

1.For surface damage, the easiest way is polish it manually. Also, you can send them to the repair shop, they will provide you a complete repair process. The fastest way is diamond cutting. Using a diamond cutting machine to cut the surface of the wheel with 0.1 to 0.3 mm to bring back a totally new-looking wheel. This is very popular in developed countries. Wheels’ surface is the face of drivers. It is decently with clean and shiny wheels.

2.Correcting the wheel with a wheel straightening machine. The machine can be located on the damaged part and combined with heat treatment and artificial aging process to restore the wheel to its original state rapidly.

3.Eliminate wheel cracks by welding. Then go through a whole wheel repairprocess, like polish, straighten, diamond cutting etc..”

“Okay, good. Can machined alloy wheels be repaired?” Luis said. “Yes. There are two options for repairing this type of wheel. If you want the wheels to return to a brand new factory state, you need to bring the car or wheels to the workshop. It is necessary to remove the tires and re-machine the surface of the wheels with CNC. This is a timely and expensive process. The second option is to have the technically trained mobile technicians repair the aluminum alloy wheels on site. Damage will be removed from the wheel, and silver is used for repairs before the transparent coating is trimmed to obtain a high-gloss protective layer. The repair takes about an hour and the cost per wheel is very low. Even better, you can drive immediately after repairs are completed, saving time and money. You may ask how this repair method is? Although this is not a complete factory repair process, due to the influence of trained technicians, most customers cannot use this service to inform the repair location, which makes it a convenient and cost-effective option for the next time the wheel is damaged.”

Then Luis asked: “How to clean the wheels?” I said: “We all know this feeling. You just spent time and money cleaning the car on the weekend and making the car look beautiful again, and by Wednesday, your alloy wheels have become dirty again. Covered in brake dust and various other dirt and grime.

What is brake dust?

When your brake pads quickly squeeze the calipers, it will cause friction and the fine particles of the brake pads will wear out. Then, these particles fall on your alloy wheels and are covered in dark, deep dust.

Why keep the wheel clean?

In addition to making your self-esteem and joy look bad with dirty wheels, if you sit on the rim for a long time, the brake dust will swallow the transparent coat and the paint on the wheels. Over time, this can lead to pitting in the paint, small pinholes (such as pits), which are filled with brake dust and cannot be removed, leaving a rough, dirty surface on the wheel. This mainly occurs on the inserts of the wheels.

Most alloy wheels are painted or at least coated with a clear coating. This is a similar car paint on a car panel and is easily damaged, so be careful when cleaning them. Make sure that any cleaning agents that you or your local car wash use to clean the magnetic wheels are not based on acids or solvents, as they will gradually disappear over time and discolor the paint. It is best to use warm soapy water and soft sponge to clean the rim. Never use any abrasive cleaning pads or sturdy brushes on the wheels. A good rule of thumb is that if you do not use it to clean a car, please do not use it on alloy wheels.”

Crystal wheel repair machine makes our lives easier. In addition to providing convenience to us, it also helps to save precious time. Every day, our dependence on these wonderful inventions is increasing. Our survival requirements are within a day. Therefore, provide maintenance or maintain itself so that these machines can be used continuously. What is the quality standard? The important thing is that the user must remember that if the instructions are not followed in good faith, the machine will fail. John said that now he has polishing machine, tire tying machine and plastic machine in his shop. When he receives our diamond cut wheel repair machine, he will become the most powerful wheel repair shop in the local area.

We are very honored that Crystal wheel repair machine can help customers become No.1.

Crystal wheel repair machine makes our lives easier

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