Crystal wheel repair machine make customers more trust

As an excellent manufacturer of wheel repair machine, we are very familiar with our machines. But why use a wheel repair machine to repair the wheels, and how can our friends feedback of our products? And do you want to know what is the value of our wheel repair machine?

For Crystal wheel repair machine, most of customers need to add machines to their wheel repair shops to extend business. Some customers have bought machines from other suppliers before, but they are not satisfied enough, so they are looking for latest and best machines now. A small percentage of customers are foreign sellers of wheel repair machines and want to find quality suppliers.

Pete is my customer and good friend from Australia. He called me yesterday to ask if we have machine in stock now. The fate between us is about one year ago "One day I visited the news on facebook and saw your machine. I think I was shocked by your machine. Its operation, detection and cutting are perfect. I want to get more information from you." Later, I learned from the conversation that he has been doing wheel repairs for 5 years. He has always used ordinary lathes for repairs. The operation is particularly troublesome and time-consuming. I really want an automated wheel repair lathe like ours. Let him repair more wheels every day. I can feel his mood because this machine is too important for his future business. Needless to say, he bought the machine soon. This time he called me because he has too much wheels to repair. So that he need to entend his business and remove to a big workshop. He need to buy more wheel repair machine for himself. “Now in Australia, our business is well known, and our peak season has come, and more and more people come to our shop to repair the wheels. I have to buy a new machine. But because I need the machine urgently, so I want to know if you have any stock machines now, I want to receive the machine in the shortest time” Pete call me with anxious tone“That is no problem”I told him. “We now have sufficient stock for you ”He told me that he need two machines, because his friend paul also want to purchase one set. Paul used a wheel repair machine from other supplier, but there is always problems of the machine and the after sale service is not as good as us. I smiled slightly at what he said”That’s right, and in fact, a good machine is beneficial to the car repair shop and the owner, because the material cut with the lathe is irreversible, and any mistakes may damage the wheel hub, which will be a loss for the owner and for the owner. Speaking will also affect the mood. And he can't come to you to repair the car next time. And you know how better of our after sale service, you can tell Paul that do not worry about that if choose our wheel repair machine”

We are making Chinese manufacturing better and have been recognized by customers, so we can only establish long-term cooperative agents in many countries in Europe and America. For example, German agents, they are world-renowned for their strict quality, but we have been cooperating for more than 5 years. This is enough to prove that you do not have to worry about the quality of the machine, because someone else has already proven it for you.In the last, to reach a good negotiation agreement, we must take care of each other's core interests and major concerns. The most important thing is that your machine is ahead enough.

Crystal wheel repair machine make customers more trust

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