Crystal wheel repair machine helps you take your business to the higher level

As a leader in the wheel repair industry, you must face the increasingly competitive wheel service market and hope to provide customers with better service and make customers' wheels more fashionable, high-end and cool. Therefore, the wheel repair machine is an effective guarantee for your business growth.

Raslag is our wheel repair machine customer from Estonia. He has more than a decade of experience in wheel repair industry, and he was very interested in our wheel repair lathe on our website. We had our first communication on Mar 4th.

Raslag has a basic understanding of our wheel repair lathe after our communication, he was satisfied with both the price and the service. But like most customers, Raslag had some concerns about the operation of the machine. Because he had never used such a machine before. He was very worried about whether he can learn how to use it. I understand Raslag's concerns very well. I told him that our machine based on Windows system, 17 inch PC touch screen, detection, optimization, and cutting in one system one time. And we have manual instructions and training videos for people who don't have any machine foundation. You can Learn quickly in a few hours. Raslag is a very efficient person. After knowing this, we soon confirmed the order on March 7th.

Now Raslag has received the machine for a long time. I still remember clearly that he repaired the first wheel for his client successfully. He told me that the customer was very satisfied and very happy. When I heard this, I was so excited, too. Now Raslag's business scope is expanding continuously, more and more car owners come to his store to maintain the wheel. Raslag said that he was considering buying a second machine later. On his Facebook, we can often see the various high-end wheels and the videos of our machines. In the communication with Raslag, I can feel his love for the machine, his enthusiasm for work, and he is very friendly. We are not only buying and selling relationship, but also very good friends. Raslag is a representative of our many customers. We also have many such customers, trust each other and win-win cooperation. Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd as the originator of wheel repair machine in China, has rich experience in this field. Looking forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationship with more customers and developing together.

Crystal wheel repair machine helps you take your business to the higher level

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