Crystal wheel repair machine help your wheel reduce damage

Aluminum alloy wheels just for further wear and cracks can be frustrating, but it's all part of driving-these will happen naturally over time.

However, what kind of maintenance your wheels need depends entirely on the severity of the damage. In this guide, we have broken down some of the most common questions about damage.

Can alloy wheels be repaired?

Yes they can. In general, the repair process of alloy wheels must first remove any dirt or dirt that may accumulate after damage. This will allow the mechanic to see the severity of the problem. There is usually no need to remove the wheel from the car, but during the repair process, experts will cover the tire to protect it.

Can the scratches and wear of alloy wheels be repaired?

As mentioned above, yes, worn alloy wheels can be restored to their original state. A professional wheel repair machine can help you achieve different effects.

Can curved alloy wheels be repaired?

Yes, sure. It is worthwhile to fix this problem as soon as possible, because you may put yourself and your vehicle in danger. You may feel a little shaking while driving because your tires are not evenly in contact with the road. You may also find that there is a problem with the tire pressure of the affected wheel.

The maintenance specialist will arrange the wheels for you. Quick classification helps avoid any further problems, such as cracks and buckling due to bending.

Can cracks and dents on alloy wheels be repaired?

Yes, fillers can be used to repair any cracks on the wheels. The most common causes of cracks are bumping curbs, crossing potholes or uneven roads, which in turn will affect your car's performance. But don't worry this is something that can be easily repaired without changing the wheels.

Although more serious cracks and dents can be recognized by the naked eye, if you are worried that minor damage will get worse, you can use a crack detection spray to cover the affected dye area so you can see if any damage is caused, especially If you know that you hit the roadside very badly that day!

According to the above instruction, you may want to know how we can choose a suitable wheel repair machine?

Based on 21 years of wheel machine experience, also combined the core technologies and feedback from our users, Crystal successfully produced this new vertical wheel repair machine,AWR901VP-PRO. It is promoted model of AWR901VP. This pro model uses iron gantry structure and iron base. The weight of it is 1800kg, 46% heavier than AWR901VP. The higher quality the higher stability, this makes the cutting effect into a higher level.

After the machine diamond cutting, you can make your wheel achieve rainbow, big line, mirror effect, and save more cost than replace a new wheel.

Welcome to inquiry, we have different wheel repair equipment and give you a whole solution for your business.

Crystal wheel repair machine help your wheel reduce damage

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