Crystal is your trusted manufacturer of wheel repair machine

As a pioneer of wheel repair machine, Crystal wants to say that no matter where you are, Crystal will do its best without hesitation as long as you need the help we can provide. In the current special period, many epidemic prevention supplies are scarce in Europe, the United States and other countries. As an enterprise, we should actively assume social responsibility and contribute to the prevention and control of epidemics. We are willing to make a little contribution to fight against the epidemic, express our concern and support to customers who are far away in foreign countries under difficult circumstances, and provide free anti-epidemic materials to help customers fight the virus together.

As we all know, Italy is the hardest hit by the European epidemic. When our Italian customer Andrew received the anti-epidemic materials we sent, he was very moved and expressed his deep gratitude to us as soon as he received it. "Thank you very much for your company. Now the situation in my country is very optimistic. I can't buy any epidemic prevention materials. Thank you for helping me." Andrew gave his thumbs up in excitement. I replied, "We are willing to make a little contribution to fight against the epidemic virus, and contribute our meager strength, hoping to help you through the difficulties and return to normal life as soon as possible." This Italian customer has been engaged in wheel repair industry for almost 10 years and has extensive experience. Last year he purchased our horizontal wheel repair lathe, and now we have developed a new vertical wheel repair machine, so I recommended our new product AWR901VP to him. "I have a good news to share with you. We have developed a new vertical wheel repair machine on the basis of a horizontal wheel repair lathe." I showed him the new product in the workshop. Andrew asked, "What are the characteristics of this vertical type?" Please listen to me introduce the advantages of this vertical wheel lathe one by one:

Firstly, high-tech and high stability: No programming required, one-key start-up, intelligent reading of wheel data with only one key, and automatic data saving of the wheel, convenient for multiple uses of the same type of wheel, remote operation and remote upgrade, multi coordinate linkage is possible, with a wide range of applications and a high degree of lathe automation. Automatic wheel repair machine adopts high-end cast iron material, which has excellent shock resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It can maintain high stability during high-speed and long-term operation. All major parts of the machine and CNC intelligent system have undergone intensive testing experiments to set up the machine with excellent quality protection.

Secondly, powerful, safe and durable: The automatic wheel repair machine adopts with a 17-inch touch screen, which is handy to use, simple and convenient operation, integrated detection, optimization and cutting. It can cope with a variety of complicated wheel styles, saving time and effort, saving energy and protecting the environment. The wheel repair machine is fully protected and equipped with electromagnetic locks, pneumatic safety doors, emergency stop buttons and other safety equipment. Automatic short circuit protection and intelligent leakage protection, handy when using, safe, reliable and easy to operate.

Automatic wheel repair machine has strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate detection and stable performance. The ruby detection system can adapt to the surface processing operations of various conventional wheels and special-shaped wheels on the market. With the increase of car ownership year by year, the auto repair industry is in the development phase, and consumers do not need to replace the wheels for wheel modification and repair, saving unnecessary costs, while bringing more profits to practitioners in the auto repair industry and achieve a win-win situation for social and economic benefits.

“Ok, great! I like this machine! Now I want to reserve one set vertical wheel repair machine now. When the situation in Italy gets better, you can ship the machine to me.”Andrew nodded frequently, expressing his satisfaction with this machine.

As a supplier of wheel repair machine and other equipment, Crystal always regard the lofty missions of serving the society, benefiting mankind, and changing lives as the core of our corporate culture. "As long as everyone gives a small part of love, the world will become a beautiful world." Nature has given us the right to love and be loved to make us happier and warmer.

Crystal is your trusted manufacturer of wheel repair machine

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