Crystal guide the alloy wheel repair machine

Alloy wheel repair machine are now common in all different country wheel repair market. This is due to the fact that they reduce the cost of replacing the wheel, increase the performance quality of the wheel, reduce the overall cost, and the fact that they are easy to operate.

First of all, what are alloy wheels?

are wheels made of a mixture of metals (alloys), usually aluminum, magnesium, and nickel. Alloys (metal mixtures) are usually: Much stronger than pure metal; lighter than pure metal; better thermal conductivity; easier to modify and produce a better overall appearance.

Due to better performance and ease of customization, many people prefer alloy wheels to steel wheels. Our guide to alloy wheels explains in detail why people choose alloys over steel and their benefits.

Alloy wheel repair machines can cut the surface of the wheel. In order to achieve the best condition before the wheel is painted. Unlike steel wheels, alloy wheels can be fully customized to suit the beauty of your vehicle. There are many different paint options to choose from; these can be glossy or matte, smooth or textured, and match or differ from the color of your car.

Some modification methods can actually improve the health and performance of alloy wheels. By using protective color coatings and lacquers, your alloy wheels can become stronger and less prone to wear, chipping or scratches.

If your car is shipped with alloy wheels, you don’t have to classify them as modifications. If you subsequently customize these alloys by painting, powder coating or diamond cutting, they will become modifications.

Diamond cutting alloy wheels.

Diamond cutting is a more thorough and complex process that requires the use of CNC wheel repair machine to cut the thin surface layer of the alloy to leave a shiny finish.

People usually regard diamond-cut alloys as the most important part of wheel repair.

We believe that an excellent wheel repair lathe should have the following characteristics.


Convenient control system

The system integrates all the functions of wheel detection, optimization or manual partial modification, wheel repair and cutting.

Spindle structure

The design of independent spindle box greatly enhances the rigidity and load-carrying capacity of the spindle.

Precise servo control

X/Z two axis transmission and spindle speed control adopt digital servo control system, which fully guarantee the precise control of the collection of the wheel shape and the repair and cutting of the wheel.

High degree of automation

The control system can independently set parameters, automatic detection, automatic optimization, and automatic cutting for each process, and can achieve different repair.

If you have any interest about this alloy wheel repair machine, please feel free to contact us. We will give you the best answer as soon as possible.

Crystal guide the alloy wheel repair machine

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