Core technologies on vertical wheel repair machine awr901vp

We upgraded the vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP in last winter, Based on years of experience in the manufacture, sales and combined with users’ feedback, we have carried out a variety of user-friendly designs. today i will let you know the new characteristics of this machine.

High level of consideration for guide protection, prevent the entry of aluminum chips, thus ensure the desired cutting effect. Extend the service life of the machine. We are know that the aluminum has strong ductility. If it drop into the guide rail, it will roll along with the guide rail or ball screw. The machine will start making noise and affect the cutting effect. The accuracy will be destroyed because of this little chip.

Wireless keyboard and mouse control. We use multi-touch industrial PC panel on this machine, it is easy to use, user-friendly. Keyboard support panel adopts by three-axis steering design to meet the needs of different people. So you have no need to worry about the operator’s height. When you run this machine you can use the keyboard and mouse or use your figures. It is very convenient.

Magnetic handheld unit that can be attached to the iron surface of the machine. There are two buttons and one wheel on this unit. Three gear speed adjustable, safe, easy to carry and use. When the tools are far away from the wheel, we use X100, when the tools getting close to the wheel surface, we use X10 or X1, thus we can more slowly. No accident will happen.

13'' chuck made from special soft material with extended claws, no damage to the wheel, provide stronger support force. With the use of quick ratchet wrench, save time and effort. You can choose 6 claws, which will provide more grasp strength while running.

Built-in optimization software can realize partial cutting according to variety of customized requirements. Also you can choose our new system, which has no need for manual optimization. It can cut wheel directly after detection. This system support more languages besides Chinese and English. So when your employee cannot read English, we can make the local language for you.

Electromagnetic lock guard door, it can not be opened while cutting, higher level of safety considerations. If you want to observe the cutting process, you can see through the windows. If opened by violence, the cutting process will stop to protect the operator.

This machine’s floor size is 1.65m² while the cutting size up to 30’’. It can realize various repair effects such as mirror finish and different density textured finish etc. If you are a owner of wheel repair shop, you will definitely love our vertical wheel repair machine AWR901VP.

Core technologies on vertical wheel repair machine awr901vp

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