Common issues that require wheel repair machine best service

Alloy wheels are made of aluminum or magnesium. Both are considered lighter than traditional steel wheels. And they also have the unique lightweight features of aluminum and magnesium alloys. In addition, alloy wheels provide a better appearance for the overall beauty of the vehicle.

The aesthetic appeal, outstanding performance and lightweight quality of aluminum alloy wheels make them the standard rims for more modern vehicle types. The lightweight structure of the aluminum alloy wheels facilitates better handling.

Aluminum alloy wheels seem to have all the positive characteristics that a magnetic ring should have, but the lightweight structure is also believed to be the main reason for hitting potholes and bumpy roads. The problem of aluminum alloy wheels that need repair. Because alloy wheels are usually equipped with low-profile tires, they are more likely to crack and bend during impact or collision.

Finally, the low profile tires associated with alloy wheels also have a higher risk of damage to the car's suspension and premature tire wear due to steering alignment issues.

Due to frequent or prolonged exposure to moisture, excessive cleaning and road salt and other elements, aluminum alloy wheels are also subject to corrosion. Although the aluminum alloy wheels are strong, if they are not properly maintained for a long time, discoloration problems will occur.

Although more durable and reliable than traditional wheels, magnetic wheels have also suffered damage. A common problem encountered by car owners is corrosion. In order to ensure the service life of the wheels, the wheels must be repaired and maintained.

The following are some common wheel and rim repair measures:

The contact of the wheel with chemicals such as strong acids increases its sensitivity to moisture, which can then lead to corrosion. Although it is rare for the magnetic wheel to come into contact with acid during driving, improper maintenance or improper parking may cause acid damage.

One way to protect your wheel from acid corrosion and possible corrosion is to use an acid-free magnet wheel cleaner. In a professional magnetic wheel repair center, please rest assured, please use mild shampoo and detergent to keep the magnetic wheel clean to effectively remove dirt and other particles on the rim.

It is also worth remembering that road salt contains chemicals that can damage the surface of the rim and cause corrosion. Therefore, it is important to take your car to a magnetic wheel repair center for maintenance and cleaning in winter.

Taking your car to a rim repair center for cleaning can completely eliminate this problem. The wheel experts use special cleaning agents, which can effectively remove serious pitting and other particles, so as to protect you from permanent damage and save expensive magnetic wheel replacement costs.

Most important, One good wheel repair machine can help you avoid these problems. Our AWR901VP newest design vertical wheel repair machine uses mature designs such as multi-touch industrial PC system, gantry structure, cast iron bed, X/Z axis linear rail, precision ball screw. and adjusted the positions of the Z-axis control motor, and at the same time, adopt independent spindle box, All of these make the new structure machine meet the diversified market demand of different customers. Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd as professional comprehensive modern enterprise, leading Chinese wheel repair machine to the world is our eternal mission. Looking forward to establishing long term cooperative relationship with more customers all over the world!

Common issues that require wheel repair machine best service

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