Application of auto lubrication system in wheel repair lathe

The automatic lubrication system plays an important role in the wheel repair machine. It not only has a lubricating effect, but also has a cooling effect to reduce the influence of CNC lathe thermal deformation on machining accuracy. The design, commissioning and maintenance of the lubrication system are of great significance to ensure the machining accuracy and prolong the service life of the machine.

The lubrication system of economical CNC lathe for lathe guide rail, transmission gear, ball screw, spindle box and other parts basically adopts manual lubrication mode, that is, the lubrication point of CNC lathe is lubricated by artificial operation of lubrication pump. However, it is not easy to control the oil quantity when using manual lubrication. If there is too much oil, the parts of the machine will be damaged due to the difficulty of heat dissipation, but the oil quantity is too small, the machine parts are easy to be damaged by friction. Therefore, manual lubrication has some disadvantages, such as uncertain lubrication time and incomplete lubrication point. In response to the lack of manual lubrication, automatic lubrication system is introduced and widely used.

What are the advantages of automatic lubrication system?

1. Environmental protection. Because the lubrication system of the wheel repair machine does not spray oil or mist, the surrounding environment will not be polluted.

2. Precise oil supply. With the increase of the regulating valve, the oil is delivered to the parts that need lubrication according to different needs, such as the spindle and the screw.

3. Inspection and monitoring automation. The machine will automatically detect whether the lubrication system is normal or not. If the lubrication system is not working properly, the machine will immediately alarm and stop, avoid the wheel repair machine running under abnormal conditions, causing damage.

4. It can extend the service life of the spindle. The automatic lubrication system is suitable for the rolling bearing of the main shaft, has the effect of air cooling, reduces the operating temperature of the bearing, and thus can extend the use time of the main shaft.

5. Use intermittent oil supply. According to the set working cycle, the system supplies a certain amount of oil at intervals. The interval time and oil supply can be adjusted according to the consumption of each lubrication point, which consumes less fuel and saves energy, reducing production costs.

Crystal wheel repair machine adopts the automatic lubrication system, which greatly compensates for the shortage of traditional manual lubrication. When the machine is in operation, it can be lubricated regularly, fixedly and quantitatively to minimize the wear of the parts and effectively extend the life of the lubricating parts by 60-80%. Reduce equipment wear and maintenance time while protecting the environment and saving energy to ensure optimal operating efficiency.

Application of auto lubrication system in wheel repair lathe

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