An easy to use diamond cutting wheel repair machine

An alloy wheel is made up of multiple metals such as magnesium or aluminum. This type of wheel is preferred by many car owners as it provides greater strength over any pure metal. Moreover, alloy wheels can easily be customized in terms of design.

However, any wheel including alloy wheels can be damaged. Therefore, it is important to repair them to avoid any accidents.

Types of wheel damage

While all the types of wheel damage can cause trouble, they are different from each other. Below are the 3 common types of wheel damage:

1. Bent Wheel

Bent wheel results when the car’s tire clashes with road hazards, curbs, potholes, or any accident. Since the wheels are made up of rubber and air, they take the most influence. Nonetheless, if the impact is severe, it can cause structural damage e.g. bends. If happened this, we suggest that you can choose wheel straightening machine to repair this bend wheels.

2. Curb Rash

Your car’s wheel gets a curb rash when you accidentally scrape the wheel on a raised concrete curb. This usually happens when you make a tight turn to park parallel or if you are driving on a flat tire. This, however, results in scrapes or scratches to the bare metal as the wheel’s protective coating is affected. when your wheels occurred the scratches, wheel repair machine will be a good choose for you to repair them. this kind of machine can repair the scrapes or scratches on the surface of wheels and make the shiny again.

3. Cracked Wheels

There are various reasons why cracked wheels can happen. One of the common reasons is that the wheel may have come into contact with detritus or some objects. Similar to the bent, if the tire can not bear the impact, it can result in damage and form a crack.

Three common alloy wheels you can repair easily

There are various alloy wheels but alloy wheel repair is difficult on some tires. But, you don’t need to worry as the repair is super easy for the below-mentioned 3 wheels.

1. Polished Alloy Wheels

Polished alloy wheels are divided into two types; polished rim and full-face polished. These wheels will look good as long as you take care of them. However, this wheel only has one protective material layer between the elements and the wheel. Thus, any small stone chip can damage it. Nonetheless, if anything like this happens, you just need to go for polished wheel repair to avoid any bigger damage.

2. Painted Alloy Wheels

This is one of the most common types of alloy wheels. Painted alloy wheels are coated with either powder or wet paint. After this, they are covered in a lacquer to protect them. This wheel’s surface is flexible and can bear minor impacts. Moreover, its several layers allow it to avoid severe damage. However, painted alloy wheel repair is easy to manage.

3. Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels

This type of wheel has only one protective layer like the polished alloy wheel. Therefore, it can be easily damaged. Diamond-Cut alloy wheel repair is convenient on alloy wheel repair machine, but it is a bit costly. It can be around double the repairing cost of a painted alloy wheel. But the result after repairing is also perfect.

An easy to use diamond cutting wheel repair machine

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