Advantages of reliable diamond cutting wheel repair machine

Gone are the days when wheels were prone to rusting! Most cars come with powder-coated alloy wheels, while a handful of automakers such as Ford, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, and others use diamond cutting alloy wheels in their top models.

Now, whether you're driving a car with powder-coated or diamond-cut wheels, they can run until a certain time! The following signs of damage indicate that you should consider fixing them now. Such as:

Alloy corrosion

There is no doubt that any alloy wheel can last up to years with proper maintenance! However, once the top layers of alloy wheels start to peel off due to wear, they can corrode. If you notice early alloy corrosion, an alloy wheel refurbishment can be done here. Otherwise you need to consider servicing alloy wheels, especially if you find that the former option costs more!

Alloy wheel dents and scratches

It's nearly impossible to keep your wheels wear-free! It's not just dust and debris, small stones can also cause tiny scratches on alloy wheels. In effect, you hit potholes at a speed that would cause wheel dents.

Alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of restoring alloy wheels to give them new life. Since alloy wheels are easily damaged, chipped and scratched during daily driving, alloy wheel refurbishment has become a popular method of restoring alloy wheels to their original condition. The wheel repair machine is essential for wheel refurbishment, and the choice of the wheel repair machine is also a key point. A good machine will improve your wheels to a higher level.

Crystal wheel repair cnc machine have gradually developed and grown in the market for many years, mainly due to the excellent product quality, the machine has the following advantages:

17 inch touch screen industry integrated machine (stable Intel chipset industrial solutions)

Quad core CPU/SSD hard stick/large capacity DRR3 memory/USB3.0/WIFI module

10-point touch capacitive screen/1000:1 high contrast/16.7M dynamic color/1280×1024

Metal casing cover, low power consumption(no fan), dust proof, Anti interference, high and low temperature.

Wireless key&mouse are set up and the mouse can be used together with the touch screen.

Self developed professional alloy wheel repaire software.

Friendly man- machine interface, easy to learn and the people without professional training can learn the operation easily in one hour.

Detection, optimization and cutting can be finished in one system in a time.

The software can support the repair of curves by parts, make the surface of wheel perfect by cutting minimum cutting quantity.

The customer can establish their own database of different models of wheels and the saved data can be used in the cutting of same model.

Support the remote assistance, and any problems can contact with our company to start the after sale service. Software support remote upgrade, enjoy life free upgrade to the latest version.

Choose Crystal, the best machine to bring you the best results.

Advantages of reliable diamond cutting wheel repair machine

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