A story of one painting and wheel repair machine

This is a wonderful and profound painting in which five kiwis of different flying states surround four blooming Pohutukawa. At first glance, you may not understand the content of the painting, but when you understand the culture of New Zealand, you will find that this is a painting with good meaning and blessings. The kiwi feathers are beautiful, soft as silky, and have a long history. They are regarded by New Zealanders as a symbol of their own nation. They often proudly say: “I am kiwi” means that we are New Zealanders. The Christmas tree grows in New Zealand, the evergreen season, the Pohutukawas are beautiful and charming, the Christmas tree is full of flowers, the Pohutukawa are open for Christmas, and the beautiful Pohutukawa and blessings of flowers are given to thousands of families. This painting is from a famous New Zealand artist Steph. Do you want to know how I got this painting?

This starts with a New Zealand wheel repair machine customer from Richard, a customer from New Zealand, is an expert with more than 20 years of wheel repair experience since the birth of the manual wheel lathe. That make me admire of his excellent work. After talking a lot details of our wheel repair machine with Richard, he was very excited and decided to visit our factory in China. He would like to know more about how Crystal is different from other suppliers. What is the leading technology of our wheel repair machine? During his stay in China, he fully understood that as a wheel lathe supplier with many years of manufacturing experience, our company's strength, product quality, and reputation protection are our highlights. Our core technology has made him excited. Another important point is that quality service makes him more assured. He told me that we have changed his stay in China from a chore to a holiday and he looks forward to many years of trade and friendship in the future.Therefore, his wife Steph gave us this beautiful painting as a gift and a symbol, writing in Chinese, "The gift represents my blessing to you, and please remember my smile."

After receiving the machine, Richard couldn't wait to fix the first wheel, and the wheel repair finishing was perfect.He told me the machine realize diamond finishing and beautiful rainbow line effect. That's right, our machines can not only achieve rainbow line effect, but also as smooth as mirror and different density textured finishing. Your shiny alloy wheels will look as good as new after repair.

We have a lot of customers like Richard who are very trust in us. Trust is a wonderful thing, it is difficult to establish, but I always believe that as long as you treat customers with the best service and provide the best quality products to customers, for customer extra peace of mind, you can rest assured that you are the most trustworthy.

A story of one painting and wheel repair machine

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