A guide to alloy wheel repair machine

This article including two parts, how to choose the wheel repair machine and how to maintain the machine?

How to choose the wheel repair machine is important. The following are some suggestions.

First, product experience. This is very important, an experienced company can make its products better and better, constantly update its products, and give customers a more mature machine.

Second, convenient control system. The system integrates all functions of wheel detection, optimization or manual partial modification, wheel repair and cutting. This can make it easier for the operator to understand and learn quickly, save time and improve efficiency.

Third, the machine structure is the body of the machine, the gantry structure, and the independent spindle make the cutting effect better and ensure high precision and precision. This is the most important fundamental link of a machine. Only a good structure can ensure a good machine. performance. Next, for most customers, they have bought the machine, and how to maintain it? This is also a topic for most operators.

First, choose the right environment

The use environment (such as temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference, etc.) of the CNC wheel repair machine will affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Therefore, when installing the machine tool, it should be strictly required to comply with the installation conditions and requirements specified in the machine tool manual. Where conditions permit, the wheel repair machine should be installed separately from ordinary machining equipment for EASY REPAIR and MAINTENANCE.

Second, equipped with CNC professionals for CNC wheel repair lathes

These personnel should be familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine tool used, the numerical control system, high-voltage equipment and other parts as well as the use environment, processing conditions, etc., and can correctly use the CNC wheel repair lathe according to the requirements of the machine tool and system operating instructions.

Third, machine maintenance when not in use for a long time

When the CNC wheel repair lathe is not in use, it should be energized frequently through the CNC system, and if safety is ensured, make it run dry. In the mildewy season when the air humidity is relatively high, the electricity should be turned on every day, and the heat of the electrical components themselves should be used to drive away the moisture in the CNC cabinet to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.

Fourth, maintenance of the hardware control part of the CNC system.

You can try to find an experienced maintenance electrician check once a year. Check whether the relevant reference voltage is within the specified range, such as whether the output voltage of the power module, the reference voltage of the numerical control unit, etc. are normal, and remove the dust; check whether the electrical components in the system are loosely connected; check whether the function modules are running with fans. Normally and remove the dust; check whether the cable connection between the X, Z axis servo drive and the spindle inverter is reliable, and remove the dust; for the machine tool that is out of service for a long time, it should be turned on and run for 4 hours a month, so as to extend the use of the CNC wheel repair lathe life.

The above are the basic guide for a wheel repair machine, if you have any interest or unclear, welcome to inquiry.

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