Why ruby probe is the best detection system for wheel repair machine

There are two major type of detection systems for wheel repair machine in the current market, which are contact probe detection system and laser detection system. Among them, the contact probe detection system is further divided into a needle tip detection and a high precision ruby probe detection.

Laser detection system: Laser detection system is widely used in assembly Line workpiece count, limit occasion. In the distance measurement, because its principle is based on the light reflection, and the surface of the measured object has a high light sense requirements, so laser detection system generally used for measuring object which hasn’t higher requirements. Due to its precision is not high, and has high requirements of the measurement surface, so in the application of wheel repair machine, there is a risk of measuring line distortion in local curve changes greatly of the wheel part and edge of the wheel.

Needle-tip detection system: when measuring, the straight point of the needle tip passes through the mechanical structure such as linear bearing and spring to trigger the signal of the commonly used tool setting instrument on the numerical control machine tool. Since it can only accept the axial external force of the mechanical structure, it must make the diameter of the tip very small. Due to the large size of the needle tip detector, slow response of the mechanical structure, easy damage to the tip of the needle and the surface of the hub, it has not been recognized by the market.

Ruby probe detection:

First, the direction of force triggered by the signal of the ruby probe detection system is multidimensional. That means, the external force on the front or side of the ruby will be triggered

Second, the 3mm ruby diameter can meet the detection of various shapes of wheel surface. It’s wide range of applications.

Third, the volume of ruby probe is small and response fast

Fourthly, ruby is one of the hardest materials at present. The surface of ruby ball is very smooth with extremely high compressive strength and mechanical abrasion resistance.

The density is very low so that the probe is not triggered by mechanical motion or vibration.

Fifth, the reset precision of the measuring needle is less than 0.002mm. It is high precision.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd is using ruby probe system for wheel repair machine.It can detect the wheel surface better and realize the best detection accuracy. The ruby probe is indeed the best choice of detection system for current wheel repair machine.

Why ruby probe is the best detection system for wheel repair machine

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