Wheel repair machine guards your sense of driving safety

Some people say that the sense of security is WIFI with full signals, the actual deposit amount, and the love and care of the family. In the eyes of different people, the definition of "security" may be different. For more than 20 years, Crystal has insisted on taking the customer as the core, providing intimate services to customers, and fully protecting the driving safety of the owner.

Walking ten thousand miles is not as far as the four wheels in three days. The car has become the fastest and most convenient means of transportation in People's Daily life. As is known to all, traffic accidents are common on the road. In addition to some causes caused by dangerous driving, many of them are caused by the parts of the car itself. Therefore, the performance of the parts of the car is very important for the safety of driving.

Q: What are the minor problems that often occur in vehicles?

A: The following three points are the common failures of cars:

Steering wheel noise

Needless to say, the importance of the steering wheel, the absence of direction means an accident. The main causes of abnormal steering wheel noise are:

1. Steering tie rod ball head is aging. Replace the tie rod end, but need to do four-wheel positioning after replacement.

2. Steering gear failure. If there is a strange noise coming from the direction, it may be caused by too much clearance between the steering gear and the gear, and the steering gear needs to be replaced.

3. For mechanical hydraulic assistance, if the power-assisted belt is improperly tightened or aged, abnormal sounds will be heard. Adjust the belt tightness or replace the belt.

Abnormal brake sound

This should be the most common noise. First, when you press the brakes, you can "hizz", there may be hard objects in the brakes; or the brake pads may be worn out and need to be replaced. Brake pads generally have some hard metal debris at the bottom. This is deliberately put in during production. When these debris are ground, a hissing sound of metal friction is emitted, which tells the owner that the brake pads are almost gone. It's time to replace the brake pads.

Tire abnormal noise and wheel damage

If you hear the sound of "rattle" while driving, it is likely that it is mixed with stones or the tires have been nailed. If there is a dull sound "purr purr" sound, at the same time with the tire and the body of the shaking, the tire should be a flat tread phenomenon, need to change the tire; Tire pressure is too high, may also cause tire noise too big reason.At the same time, the wheel may be damaged to varying degrees, and then the wheel edge will wear out.

Q: So does the wear of the rim edge or the scratch on the wheel surface affect the tire?

A: First of all, please check the damage of wheels. If the wheel surface accidentally hits a hard object and gets scratched, it will cause the appearance of the wheel to be unsightly. Over time, the surface of the damaged part of the wheel is corroded and oxidized. If it extends to the edge, it will cause the wheel edge and the tire not to be tightly connected, which will cause the tire to leak slowly and affect the performance of the wheel.

If the vehicle shakes slightly when driving, or there is no problem when driving at low speed, but the vehicle shakes when driving at high speed, it may be that the wheel hub is slightly deformed. When inspecting the wheel for damage, separate the wheel from the tire, remove the wheel from the vehicle body, and remove the tire to see if the tire is deformed, broken, chipped, or sunken. If there is a problem, repair it at a professional auto repair ship.

Q: When the wheel is damaged, what should the owner do? Where should they choose to go?

A: Especially for the more luxurious and exquisite cars, the problems will be more conspicuous, so the owners will spend a lot of money to repair the wheel. It is best to choose a professional wheel repair shop. Imagine the car owner came to your repair shop with his car. What kind of service does he want to get? The answer is more professional and efficient repair services. If you have a professional automatic wheel repair machine in your repair shop at this time, it will definitely add points to your service and your professionalism in the mind of the owner will definitely improve a lot.

Q: What are the advantages of wheel repair machine?

A: Wheel repair machine can automatically detect and cut. It is automatically optimized after the inspection is completed, and it’s easy to operate. The most important point is that the rim repair machine can achieve perfect repair effects, such as the highlight mirror effect and rainbow line effect, which can help the owner to achieve the ideal repair effect, and the repaired wheel surface will be more textured. I believe he will admire your maintenance skills even more. Because your service allows him to save time and not have to wait too long to get back on the road. The repaired wheel hub is tightly integrated with the tire again, which improves the performance of the wheel hub and ensures the driving safety of the owner.

Life is inseparable from the car, driving can’t forget the safety, driving a car safely is a responsibility to the family. wheel repair machine is like a skilled old driver, let you and your car together a safe journey, guard your driving safety.

Wheel repair machine guards your sense of driving safety

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