Wheel refurbishment by wheel repair machine

Nowadays, vehicles have become an indispensable part of our daily life, bringing great convenience to our life. However, our vehicles will have a variety of problems with our use, especially the wheels. Long-term use of automotive wheel will appear yellowing, scratches, daily corrosion and other conditions, the whole wheel becomes dull, which is a common occurrence. This will not only affect the overall appearance of the car, but also affect the owner's taste and temperament. Therefore, the wheel refurbishment can help your wheel get rid of all these situations, completely change its appearance and restore to factory status.

So how do you carry out wheel refurbishment?

1. Remove the wheel that needs to be refurbished from the car and clean it thoroughly. Pay attention to the damage of the wheel surface during the cleaning process. If necessary, use the wheel cleaner to clean the wheel inside and outside thoroughly. If the wheel is not cleaned and repaired directly, it will cause secondary damage to the wheel, or increase the difficulty of wheel refurbishment!

2. Polishing wheel. After cleaning the wheel, you have a general understanding of the damage to the surface of the wheel. Then you need to select different types of sandpaper to polish the wheel according to the damage degree, so that the surface of the wheel becomes smoother.

3. Fill the surface of the deep scratched wheel with special fillers. After filling, it needs to be smoothed to ensure the repair effect of the wheel.

4. Wheel polish and paint. Polishing is also required for areas where the paint surface is not damaged, as it is necessary to prepare for painting. At this time, wheel repair machine is a very good choice. CNC alloy wheel lathe machines are designed for repair and refurbish alloy wheel, be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel. The machine is very easy to operate, operator don’t need to learn complicated programme and do higher efficiency, spectacular finishes.

4. Spray paint on wheel. According to the factory process and operation method of the original wheel, the surface of the wheel is painted.

5. Fine polishing. After the above five steps, the repair process of the wheel is almost finished. In order to make the outer surface of the wheel look more beautiful, the polishing machine is combined with the two kinds of abrasives to finish the final grinding of the wheel.

In the end, a perfect wheel is completed! You will have a new wheel again.

Finally, I want to remind everyone, please take your wheel seriously because it carries the safety of your life.

Wheel refurbishment by wheel repair machine

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