The story of vegemite and wheel repair machine

You will definitely ask what is Vegemite? What is the connection with the wheel repair machine? This starts with a Australia wheel repair machine customer from our company. Tray,a customer from Australia, is a newcomer ready to work in the wheel repair industry. When he planned to open a wheel repair shop, we began to communicate the details of the wheel repair equipment. In the communication, the customer also mentioned other suppliers in China. But this did not affect the cooperation between us. We are very enthusiastic to invite him to visit our wheel repair machine in China. Tray spent about three days in China. The first day was mainly to visit our machines. When he saw the machine, Tray was very satisfied and chose his own machine on the spot. As the originator of the wheel lathe,Crystal not only has a strong company strength, but also the excellent product quality is the most valued by customers. He also brought us the Australian souvenir - Vegemite. Look forward to establishing long-term friendly relations with us in the future. Tray likes to play billiards very much and we used to play billiards during China. He is very skillful. And he invited us to share his whisky together in the afternoon.

In Australia, Vegemite is considered a health food rich in vitamin B and folic acid. As described in the Australian magazine: “It kept our diggers fighting fit during World War II.” Not only did it play a role in providing daily nutrition for people in the war, but Australians also believe that Vegemite’s rich vitamin B family will make people Get better, resist fatigue and help relieve stress. If every country has a "sacred sauce" that can represent the local flavor, then for China, it may be the black bean chili sauce ; for Japan, it is mustard and for Australia, it is well deserved, A pot of unremarkable national god sauce - Vegemite. Don't underestimate the jar of chocolate sauce, because it will definitely make people who have tasted "unforgettable" in Australia.

Every year, many foreign customers come to visit Crystal wheel repair machine factory. They come with doubts, leave with satisfaction, and have a smile on their faces. Because they did find a reliable manufacturer.

The story of vegemite and wheel repair machine

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