The state of wheel repair machine in 2020 and beyond

If you are in the car maintenance and repair industry, instead of buying diamonds and gold, you might as well exchange your money for equipment that can bring you circular income.

In the past, due to the constraints of the development status of the automotive industry, maintenance equipment manufacturing technology, and maintenance technology, most repair shops use manual, original, or simple maintenance equipment for wheel repair. With the development of the market, a group of modern enterprises entered the wheel maintenance equipment industry, and began to produce and provide various professional wheel maintenance equipment. As a result, China's advanced and modern machines have been widely popularized and exported to foreign countries. Among them, the most directly related to wheel quality appearance, high technical content is the wheel straighten machine and wheel repair machine.

Alloy wheel straighten machine is specially used to repair the distortion, deformation and depression of various types of alloy wheels. It has unique design schemes, standard straighten effects, and simple operation procedures. This equipment uses a simple-to-operate moving piston system controlled by a hydraulic unit. Without damaging the molecular structure and mechanical properties of the alloy, the damaged wheel can be positioned, and treated with heat treatment and artificial aging to quickly restore it to its original state. The device is equipped with a complete set of core tools and components.

The wheel repair machine is a special lathe developed by our company for the repair of scratches on the end faces of automotive aluminum wheels according to market demand. The contact surface probe detects the wheel surface curve, generates a machining program, and repairs the wheel surface with a diamond cutting tool. After the detection is completed, the machining program is automatically generated, and the operation is simple, and there is no need to understand complicated programming processes. All lathes are equipped with self-developed optimization software, which is easy to learn and does not need to learn complicated programming software.

So what is the future development of the wheel repair machine? Before understanding the development prospects of wheel repair machine, let's know the application trend of alloy wheels.

1. Passenger car. Among the alloy wheels for passenger car equipment, the casting process accounts for more than 95% of the total because of its low cost. However, with the development of passenger cars, the production of aluminum alloy wheels using forging technology has become a development trend.

Lightweight requirements of automobiles: Especially the requirements for weight reduction of unsprung quality of automobiles. Alloy wheels designed by forging process can reduce 10% -20% compared with aluminum alloy wheels designed by casting process.

2. Commercial vehicle.Commercial vehicles are mainly buses and minibuses with more than 12 passengers. Due to the large commercial vehicle, steel alloy wheels are not suitable for use in commercial vehicles, so alloy wheels are still commonly used in commercial vehicles.

Is the wheel repair machine worth your investment? Let's analyze from three aspects:

1. Alloy wheel market shows growing momentum.

People's pursuit of quality life is no longer limited to the stage of eating, drinking and warming, and they start to pursue more spiritual needs. For the comfort of living, people moved into the building, and for the convenience of travel, people began to buy cars. With the increase in vehicle ownership, the popularity and growth of alloy wheels. The latest report shows that in the next five years, the global alloy wheel market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 1.5%, reaching 201.1 billion US dollars by 2024, and 19.3 billion US dollars in 2019. Accompanying the expansion of the wheel market is that the wheel repair market is constantly growing, and survival of the fittest is an inevitable result. How can you win in such a fiercely competitive market? The secret is the wheel repair machine.

2. Enter by "need" and win the first chance?

Previously, car enthusiasts invested heavily in wheel replacements, ranging from about $ 400 for the 17-inch Honda Accord rims of the original equipment to more than tens of thousands of dollars each for some luxury models. And if your store has a wheel repair lathe, while meeting their requirements to achieve a perfect cutting effect, it will also greatly reduce their repair costs. Why not? There is no doubt that in the future, the aluminum alloy wheel repair lathe will have a bright future.

3. Wheel repair winners & losers: Who’s up, who ‘s down?

On the one hand, with the further increase in global car ownership, the development of automotive technology, especially the development of new energy vehicles, the wheel maintenance equipment industry has also generated huge Has made great strides in customer satisfaction. But the current popularity of wheel repair lathes is not high. This means that for you, the scientific, professional and intelligent wheel repair lathe will win you more business opportunities. On the other hand, efficiency and cost are one of the important ways for a company to survive and develop. Our wheel repair lathe adopts self-developed specialized optimization software, which is simple and easy to operate, and can meet the current large-scale repair needs.

Let's extend another question: we have knew the prospects of wheel repair machine, if you decide to make this investment, what else is there besides considering the quality of the product? The answer is quality of service.

In September 2018, we received an inquiry from a Romania customer, Mr. Jackson, for a wheel repair machine, and asked "What if you do not ship after I pay", which is also a concern of many overseas buyers. By showing him our business license and registration information, and making a video call with Jackson to let him see our company's inventory strength, we have built a certain trust in us. Jackson expressed the hope that he would go to the Romania customer to see the machine or get a recommendation from the Romania customer, so that he can be assured of cooperating with us. So we immediately contacted our Romania customers to express our intention and obtained their agree.

On December 20th,Jackson gleefully said, "I turned on my new machine. I am particularly excited now because I want to try to repair the first wheel", and took a picture to me, i can feel his confident. However, things are not always satisfactory. The first repaired wheel is not ideal. "I can't optimize the detected curve well. What should I do?" I can feel his anxiety, and immediately understand the situation, then immediately contact our engineers for remote assistance to optimize the curves he detects remotely, and at the same time explain in detail how to select points to optimize better. Jackson is an experienced engineer, and quickly grasped the point. After practice, he finally repaired the first perfect wheel. "This is a memorable moment." Now he has been able to skillfully repair wheels with different effects: brushed, mirrored, etc.

What will the future wheel repairs look like? We might as well make a bold idea: the vehicle reaches the set position, the wheel is disassembled by a robotic arm, and then put into the assembly line. The assembly line covers a series of processes including wheel cleaning, shape data scanning, shaping, painting, and diamond cutting. The entire process is completed by robots and digital control. At this time, the clerk monitors the operation process and adjusts in time through the built-in camera of the assembly line. Anyone who has watched the German factory documentary should remember the high degree of automation and artificial. I believe that wheel repair can reach such a level in the future.

"You are always there to answer me quickly to solve the problem for me. It makes me feel not only to buy a good machine, but also to make a good friend." This is Jackson’s evaluation of us, and we also take it for granted. We are proud of the quality of our products and services. This is the best guarantee we have and can give you.

Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in automotive wheel repair services. After years of expansion, its business volume and operating income have continued to increase, and it has continuously entered the international market. After 2020, the wheel repair machine industry will continue to maintain its prosperity and will enter a rapid development track. Possessing excellent technology and high-quality services, and good market reputation, will push CRYSTAL wheel lathes to a better and higher development position. In the future, Crystal wheel repair lathe will be the leading brand in the future wheel repair industry.

The state of wheel repair machine in 2020 and beyond

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