How to refurbish alloy wheels on wheel repair machine

If misfortune happens and you damage the alloy wheel, you may feel that the damage is too serious. Fortunately, professional technicians can repair most of the damaged alloy wheels and make them glow and look new. If you scratch alloy wheels on the side of the road or mark on busy city streets, most of the renovation work can eliminate the scratches and scratches.

Let us briefly understand how alloy wheel refurbishment is carried out and how to repair damaged alloy wheels.

Clean tires and alloy wheels, the first step is to thoroughly clean the alloy and wheels. This way we can check the extent of damage, scratches and abrasions to be repaired. Depending on the level of cleanliness required, it can be cleaned by hand or with an electric washing machine. Remove or attach tires, we will track the cleaning of alloy wheels by removing the alloy from the tire or sticking the tire with tape. This ensures that your tires are protected during the retreading process, and we do not need to deal with punctures or additional damage. Sand and repair scratches and abrasions, the damaged area of the alloy is then sanded to eliminate scratches and wear and restore the alloy to its more curved appearance.

Then we apply filler on the scratches and scrapes, carefully covering all areas, and leaving a smooth finish for the primer and paint. Repaint the alloy wheels, then a professional team will color match the alloy wheels and paint the damaged area. Ensure the continuity of the entire alloy color, thereby eliminating scratches and wear. Wheel refurbishment on wheel repair machine, diamond cutting is performed on the wheel repair CNC lathe to complete the refurbishment of the alloy wheel, then the alloy is treated with paint to achieve high gloss, polished and wiped to achieve good results.

Refurbishment cost of alloy wheels, the cost of refurbishing alloy wheels will depend on the degree of damage, the man-hours required, and materials such as professional paint. The technician cannot give a clear estimate until the damage is checked, and you can choose to continue the repair at that time. If the damage is too great, the alloy wheels may need to be replaced, although this only applies to the most severe cases.

Should you try to repair alloy wheels? The answer to this is no. You need professional alloy wheel maintenance technicians to take care of your alloy wheels. Only with the right training, tools and equipment, like wheel repair CNC lathe, can you successfully carry out alloy wheel repairs. If you try to do this yourself, you may cause more damage than you think.

If you need help or have any questions about the alloy wheel repair machine, please contact us.

How to refurbish alloy wheels on wheel repair machine

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