Diesel Injector Test Bench EPS205

The EPS205 high pressure common rail injector test bench is designed to drive high pressure common rail injectors such as CATERPILLAR, BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS and other high pressure common rail fuel pumps (CP1, CP2, CP3, HP3, HP4, DELPHI, etc.) to achieve precise testing of common rail injectors.


1. Automatically test the precise fuel quantity of each working condition of the high-pressure common rail injector

2. Automatically generate high-pressure common rail injector fuel injection compensation correction code

3. Test the piezoelectric crystal injector

4. Detect the resistance of the solenoid valve of the high pressure common rail injector

5. 7X24 hours continuous working oil temperature does not exceed 42℃

6. Accurately test the BIP of the fuel injector

7. Detect the inductance of the injector solenoid valve

8. Pressure up to 220Mpa

9. Industrial computer control

10. Intelligent online upgrade and remote assistance


1. High-precision oil volume measurement system: high-precision gear flowmeter.

2. The computer of the machine stores more than 3000 standard data of electronically controlled common rail injectors.

3. The well-known brand 10.4-inch industrial all-in-one machine.

4. Independent research and development of electronic control common rail injector control system (with remote control service, free upgrade, WIFI connection, etc.).

5. Equipped with universal clamps, suitable for clamping various types of electronically controlled common rail injectors, connecting special wiring harnesses and special connectors for fuel supply and return connections of the fuel injectors.

6. Accurate rail pressure acquisition system: BOSCH rail pressure sensor and Bosch common rail pipeline.

7. Precise rail pressure control system: BOSCH high pressure proportional control valve (PCV valve).

8. Low-pressure oil supply secondary filtration system: 3-5μ filtration accuracy.

9. The observation window of the protective door adopts toughened protective glass.

10. The measuring fuel circuit adopts a two-stage filter system.

11. High pressure common rail pump BOSCH CP3.3.

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Diesel Injector Test Bench