Diesel Injector Test Bench 12PSB

12PSB series fuel injection pump test bench adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which has the characteristics of high reliability, low noise, low energy consumption, large output torque, high test precision, full protection performance and convenient operation. It is one of the best selling models for current diesel injector test bench.


1. Frequency conversion speed control motor: digital controller accurate control of 10 gear speed.

2. Can test the fuel supply of each cylinder at different speed, can check the fuel supply time of each cylinder statically. Accurate and fast.

3. The performance of mechanical governor and pneumatic governor can be detected.

4. It can realize the testing of distribution pump solenoid valve, return oil quantity, air pressure in pump and so on.

5. The performance of pressure compensator can be detected.

6. Can realize the gas film governor negative pressure, performance detection.


Main motor power: 5.5/7.5/11/15Kw

No. test cylinders: 6/8/12

Power supply standard: 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz

Fuel pressure under high pressure: 0-40 Bar

Fuel pressure under low pressure: 0-4 Bar

Efficiency of fuel pump: 10L/min

Volume of fuel tank: 60L

Speed range: 0-4000rpm

Range of testing setting: 0-9999

Height of drive axis: 125mm

Drive coupling diameter: 120mm

Heating power: 2Kw

DC power supply: 12/24V

Range of control temperature: 30-65℃

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Diesel Injector Test Bench